Eu Yang Sang Lingzhi Cracked Spores


全靈芝破壁孢子粉膠囊加效 60 capsules/box


Lingzhi Cracked Spores Plus
has been formulated to provide the benefits of the entire Lingzhi mushroom, including cracked Lingzhi Spores and Lingzhi Sporophore.

This product contains polysaccharides and triterpenes and can therefore boost the immune system and improve bodily functions.

Functions: Boost the immune system. replenish qi and blood, calm the mind, fortify the spleen and stomach, tonify the lungs and replenish vital essence

Problems faced by working professionals in the modern society

  1. Busy and hectic lifestyle leading to stress, which in turn increases the risk of high blood pressure
  2. Lack of rest and late nights resulting in lowered immunity and increased susceptibility to falling sick
  3. Having to juggle with work-life balance, managing time, work, family and personal life

How does Lingzhi Cracked Spores Capsules Plus help people cope with the daily pressures in life?

  1. Reduces fatigue
  2. Improves sleep quality: Scientifically proven that Lingzhi Cracked Spores?s active component increases the sleep latency time through modulating delta activity during non R.E.M sleep, resulting in a better night?s rest.
  3. Lingzhi modulates blood pressure by improving blood circulation aiding in cardiovascular function

The Lingzhi Plus Difference

  1. 100% natural with no synthetic ingredients and additives
  2. High efficacy: Lingzhi spores are broken through a patented technology which registers 99% broken rate
  3. High potency rate: Additional Lingzhi concentrate is added to Lingzhi cracked spores in a single capsule

Product of Hong Kong, China

Additional information

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